Hello World !

Hey everyone !

This is my first post on this blog after December 2008. Lots of things have changed during this time. I stopped blogging to cope up with studies. I won't say I succeeded like I should have - but I tried, which is important, right ?

I still get around 200 - 300 visitors a day and tons of comments every week which is an amazing feat for a blog which is laying dead since December 2008 ( nearly 2 years ! ) So thank you my readers, a big thank you :)

You all are the sole reason I didn't sell my domain and I am planning to do loads of stuff on it in the near future.So please stay tuned !

p.s - I write about technology/Social media at Watblog, one of India's leading technology/ social media related website.You can also follow me on Twitter. So do join me there !

Take Care :)